Dinner Theatre to Sacrifice Virgins to

“Congratulations- you are confirmed as virgin actor…”


After 5 years of on & off beating around Seattle’s theatre scene, I have been invited to join the 14/48 Projects in a new riff on their “world’s quickest theatre festival”. Originally, the 14/48 Festival was just that: 14 plays written, cast, directed, rehearsed, scored, designed, premiered in 48 hours. Like any other 48 Festival, it is a grab bag of furious artistic creation.

This time around the time constraints have been lengthened over the course of a week to accommodate a new challenge: cuisine. In collaboration with dinner theatre company Cafe Nordo, this 14/48 project will pair playwrights with chefs who will create a play and accompanying dish based on the drawn theme. Their theatrical and culinary teams will have 3 rehearsals to prep for 3 performances.

So I’m imagining it’ll be like a themed potluck and charades- on steroids. and coffee. and herbed foie gras butter.

It’ll be an experience worth sacrificing this virgin to.

Tickets can be found here (p.s. I’m playing 1st weekend only)


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