On set with Hostile Work Environment: like LARP but with better dialogue

Hello! This past weekend I shot the pilot of Norm Owensen: Medieval Mercenary. It was produced by Hostile Work Environment, the pet production company of Peter Adkison, founder of Wizards of the Coast (a company of major geek cred). Since being cast back in April and working variations of the script both in LA & Seattle, it feels a little weird to have wrapped the project for the time being. While the rough cut trailer is here on live across the interwebs, the final cut will be shown at GenCon in a matter of weeks, leaving our poor editor Andy Gills with quite a task on hand to peacemeal together our 5 scenes, including a outdoor park scene shot during Seattle’s seafair Sunday (ie- airshow and a nightmare for sound) and a boffer sword fight featuring yours truly. I wish the fight could aptly display my sword skills, but alas it turned out alot shorter and simpler than I would like. There’s only so much you can do with boffer swords, which are weighted in such an unusual way I found it almost unwieldy.

I don’t know where this will go. While it has more viability than the failed Last Reel Cinema’s webseries, it’s anybody guess whether Peter or anyone else will want to shell out the 80K to produce the rest of season 1, which I know will feature some car stunts, barroom fights, and a new crop of comedic characters. So when the pilot premieres in Seattle’s Century Cinema on September 25, show some love! In the meantime, I guess I have new footage for a developing fight reel.

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