BRASS: Fatal Footlights

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The saga of the Brass Family continues in this new play in which the two grown children of the family, Gwendolyn and Cyril, are brought into a mystery involving the premiere of Oscar Wilde ‘s first play ” Vera, or the Nihilists.” As they investigate a series of deadly theater ” accidents, ” the criminal trio the Watch and Chain Gang scheme to steal the jewels of legendary actress Ellen Terry. The intrigue, romances, and suspects increase as we rush towards the opening of a play that is, according to our narrator George Bernard Shaw, ” quite the worst bouquet of balderdash to have ever stained the stage. ” A mystery, a thriller, and a love letter to theater, Fatal Footlights is more outrageous Steampunk fun with the First Family of the Realm.

This was an all around difficult production. Entire cast got sick during tech week. Alot of technical moving parts that magically came together at the last minute. And a script that linguistically mixed the styles of Shaw & Wilde, so we were speaking & thinking a mile a minute, which is generally how I like it. It all came out in the wash as good smart entertainment.