Night of Fights: stage combat cabaret

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May 21-23, 2012 at Capitol Hill’s Erickson Theater.

A thrilling evening of swordplay and simulated ferocity using an array of weapons ranging from small swords, broadswords, whips and chains to found weapons, Night of the Fights makes you laugh out loud, gasp in shock and grab you by the seat of your pants through epic adventures. With 11 rousing fight scenes ranging from the historical gladiatorial arena, a fracas at a political debate, a saloon brawl, and a full-battle melee including all sixteen combatants, you are in for an exhilarating night of fencing and fistacuffs.

Written and Choreographed by the Company Members of Performers’ Forge: Ryan Spickard, John Lynch, Stacey Bush, Molly Boettcher, Tom Dewey, Tara McLauchlan

With Special Appearances by Esteemed Local Actors and Combatants: Amber Rack, Brennan Grant, Casey Matteson, Joey Fetchel, Julia Welch, Katherine Grant-Suttie, Madeline Nutting, Paul Ray, Rich Lewis, Stephen Scheide