Portlandia Episode is Live

I love getting the message from an old colleague. “Hey, did I see you on Portlandia?” Yes, yes you did.

If you didn’t already see it when it aired on IFC on February 26, Season 6 Episode 6 is live on the interwebs for your viewing pleasure. You can catch me as an extra in the “Silent Retreat” skit.

It was a cool experience finally getting onto arguably the best show shooting in the Pacific Northwest. While I am used to improving occasionally for auditions and in rehearsals, it was so unusual to be part of Fred & Carrie’s improv while on set. We would roll through the scene so many times in slightly or largely different fashions, with the director interjecting (mid-scene!) with ideas for what they should try next. “Wouldn’t it be funny if…” was the name of the game for the entire shoot. It’s the kind of dynamic that I guess can happen when there is enough money in the budget to play around with the camera rolling and when the main actors are in position of more authority, rather than a more classical hierarchy of director. It initially threw me and I think I ultimately don’t have that much screen time because I was too intent with playing by the rules of the scene as outlined (ie- don’t talk, don’t move, find inner peace) rather than make interesting choices that broke those boundaries.

I hope I get another chance to play with the fantastic cast & crew this coming summer and Season 7 shoot. Crossing my fingers for more lines, physical action, and of course, awkward moments.

To watch the episode, visit IFC or check it out here


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