But is the ship sailing yet? January is when everyone says they are going to change their life. End of August/September is the time when it actually happens. Within the course of two weeks, I finished stunt school, moved to Seattle, broke up with my boyfriend of 4+ years, and have been job hunting ever since. It was one of those mornings, waking up in a new setting and wondering what the hell happens next? The desire to go back to NYC seems logical enough. There is no longer an emotional reason for me to stay in this city. But it is a city and I am finding a kinda of peace here that I haven’t experienced for the better part of a year. I practically laughed when I heard a carhorn go off. I’m not done with this place, or perhaps it’s not done with me.

I realize that September marks a new school year and I have alot of learning to do. I need to learn how to stand financially independent, treat my friends with the support and respect friends deserve, and relearn to enjoy the company I keep with myself. More tangibly, I intend to attain that which I came out to this city for- create a voice over demo, earn a personal training certificate, and train to a physically competitive condition. I am a physical performer and need to practice what I preach. Once these three landmarks are attained, I will look ahead to the next city, new or old, new adventures, and rekindling old visions for my life.

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