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  • I had the pleasure of working with Katherine for a horror game. As an actress, she played multiple, very different roles. Not only was she able to portray each one of the characters' personality and behaviors in a way that made them feel real and unique to each other, but she was also able to, out of nothing, change the way she would move in order to accurately show the characters' different heights, ages and builds. Katherine showed me what a true actor can bring to the table. I will always recommend her, and cannot wait to work with her in future projects.
    Diego Alegre - Fancy Rabbit Games

  • Katherine is not afraid to make bold choices and commit to them. Quite simply... she 'gets it'. She's the real deal. 
    Jodi Rothfield - Casting Director

  • I had the pleasure of directing her in one of the biggest commercial projects of my career and she delivered.  The character she was asked to play required a transformation beyond just wardrobe and makeup.  Katherine was able to take direction and make adjustments quickly. She is willing to do what is necessary for her character and as a director, I can ask for nothing more.
    Guy Baker - Limbo Films

  • We know we can always count on Katherine to come through for us with her great physical ability and training, her powerful theatrical performance and her professionalism. If we have a tough project we know we can call on Katherine to come in
    and get the job done.

    Ander Bergstrom - MoCap Now

  • One of the best performances I’ve ever seen in all my years in theatre!  The way she weaves in and out of various moods, like a snake, is mind-boggling. She is a powerhouse on the stage and yet never overpowers the other actors.

    Dennis Sparks - Review of Dorian Gray

  • You are one of our favorite voice talents!

    Betzi Hanc - Force Interactive

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