Katherine Grant-Suttie : Voice over Actor

Work hard, Play harder
this girl gets it done.

When you need a voice that's ON - brimming with sophisticated, edgy, cultured, authoritative charisma

When you need your message to play a little OFF - dishing out snarky, playful, millennial, weirdo opinions.

Cleaning up or dressing down, I'm your professional player.

Got a challenge? Let's get after it.

  1. Commercial Demo - FULL 1:19
  2. Corporate eLearning Demo- FULL 1:33
  3. Video Game-Interactive Demo - FULL 0:57
  4. Animation Demo - FULL 1:20
  5. eLearning Demo - FULL 1:26
  6. IVR Sample 0:26
  7. · Stoli - edgy, aggressive, honest 0:33
  8. · Belvita - young, bright, upbeat 0:12
  9. · Spongebob Squarepants - promo, wacky 0:14
  10. · TIAA - financial, authority, warm, calming 0:28
  11. · Ford - millenial, informative, adventurous 1:18
  12. · Southwest General Hospital - middle-age, energetic, caring 0:32
  13. ° Witchy School Principal 0:16
  14. ° Sexy, 1940's Dame 0:13
  15. ° Sweet Vengeful Princess 0:14
  16. ° Midwestern Innocent 0:13
  17. ° Working Mom 0:11
  18. ° Butch Biker Chick 0:11
  19. ° Apple Pie Granny 0:11
  20. ° Ambitious Kid 0:10
  21. > Cadillac - Luxury User Experience 0:22
  22. > HSBC - Global Accent Financial 0:17
  23. > Verizon CoVid - CoWorker PSA 0:23
  24. > Microsoft Teams - Internal Demo 0:21
  25. > Lockheed Martin - Cyber Security Employee Training 0:13
  26. > Cells - High School 0:22
  27. > CPO - Automotive 0:14
  28. > Digital Citizen - Ethics 0:36


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Studio Specs

AKG C414
Yamaha AG03
ASUS Republic of Gamers PC
Adobe Audition CC


Available for remote recording or live directed sessions via SourceConnect, Skype or PhonePatch

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Delivering Sound Service

I offer professional voice over services from my home studio, delivering broadcast ready sound and customer engagement. I bring over a decade of performance training and experience to give you a range of creative choices and practiced finesse. On tight turnarounds and across time zones, I'm here for you. Collaborate with me on your next project and build a refreshed relationship with your audience.

Whether you’re a first time client or I’ve provided voice over service for multiple projects, I strive to meet and exceed your expectations on each and every job.

And, because I have had the good fortune to direct both voice over and on camera talent, I know what it means to take direction.

So, tell me what you’re looking for and I’ll deliver!


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Send me a script sample. Tell me who your target audience is. Or a vocal tone you have in mind. Get creative or shoot straight.

If you like it, buy it. Ask for adjustments 'til 100% satisfied.

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(323) 655-8699

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Shortlist Talent (San Francisco)

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