Motion Capture

A creature of long limbs and elastic sinews, Katherine found her way into the motion-capture medium through physical theatre, stunts, and good old fashioned classical acting.


Katherine brings to life unhinged villains, focused military leaders, and comic oddities. Skilled in yoga, dance, and circus aerial, she lends elegance to extreme angles of creature movement.

Her experience in firearms, bladed weapons, and martial arts ensure that her in-game and cinematic combat stays grounded and specific. With an understanding of animation, post-production and the industry, Katherine is fluent in "animator," "artist" and "technician." You've found your 5'7" Jill of All Trades.

Her BFA is through New York University's Tisch program, with an emphasis on physical character embodiment, from Commedia dell Arte to Grotowski, along with modern dance, Bali mask and stage combat. She has danced with the New York Theatre Workshop, fallen from balconies in LA's immersive show Delirium, and spun on rope and trapeze for circus, stage and film  productions in Seattle. She has trained with veterans of the US Army Special Forces, mo-cap performers from Lord of the Rings, aerialists from Cirque de Soleil, and others. She currently trains with The MoCap Vaults and a myriad of movement, circus & combat styles. She works regularly with MoCap Now in Seattle.


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Ander Bergstrom:
MoCap Now (Seattle)
(513) 53 MOCAP

Micaela Hicks:
VOX Inc (Los Angeles)